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Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) is a powerful modality or way of working with clients, used by thousands of New Zealand and Australian service providers across the range of helping professions.

Our inspiring carefully developed, skills-based training courses have earned a consistently high reputation for delivering quality, user-friendly, results-based, value-for-money outcomes that are guaranteed to rapidly improve your professional effectiveness and provide you with special tools for assessment and strategic intervention.

What is Interactive Drawing Therapy?

What is Interactive Drawing Therapy?

A unique way of working with words, images and feelings to enable clients to gain a better understanding. The page becomes a mirror for your client, helping them see themselves more objectively from new perspectives, and facilitating insight, inner resourcefulness and profound change.

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Who is IDT For?

Who is IDT For?

IDT has been proven to be applicable accross a wide range of helping professionals, and is particularly useful with clients who may not be verbally or conceptually fluent.

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What People Say

What People Say

“Extremely valuable on both a personal and professional level. Personally I have resolved, understood and moved on from many old issues. Professionally I am now equipped with an essential tool (a spiritual/therapeutic laser) which makes my work and my life richer, easier, more enjoyable and fun.”

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We all face turbulence in life, increasingly so in the busy world we live in. With the increasing visibility and presence of wars and conflict, disease and pestilence, death and chaos, one would be forgiven for thinking the world is approaching the apocalypse. But turbulence is more than an environment full of metaphorical horsemen. Turbulence can be interpreted as a lack of direction, decreased visibility, increased confusion, and disruption to ones path.


The modern world is a hectic place and we are constantly stimulated by external stimuli. Often it’s only when you go somewhere really silent, and ‘off the grid’ that we realize how much is going on around us. I guess this may be partially why people are now averse to introspection. When we are overwhelmed by the outside world the inside one is just too daunting.

Context - In life and work

Context is a very powerful thing. Much more than a catch phrase for politicians caught out with a gaff (“I may have said that but you’re taking it completely out of context”). It can mean the difference between a message and meaning, a pretence and an inner truth, and even one’s definition of right and wrong.

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