Interactive Drawing Therapy - AU


I am a General Manager in a private training school where there are problems coming into my office all day (staff and students) and I think this is a fabulous tool for me to use.
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How does IDT relate to other modalities? How similar or different is IDT from Art Therapy?
IDT differs significantly from traditional art therapy. Although IDT works with ‘pages of imagery’ as a central part of its technique, it is not interested in art-making and does not employ graphic techniques to enhance creativity or self-expression. Several art therapists who have attended IDT courses report that IDT provides a structure that was missing in their earlier training. You might like to read about Allan Schore, an American neuroscience researcher whose findings validate a lot of IDT principles. The IDT therapeutic process follows the client’s natural path from “left-brain processed and surface-level ” issues to “right-brain processed and deeper-level ” issues. Cognitive-behavioural practices tend to suit left-brained, surface- level issues, and psychoanalytic practices tend to suit deeper land work, so the IDT schema can be used alongside many other therapies.
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