Course Information

Foundation Course

Days: 2 x 2 days (total of 4 days)

Price: AUD$700 + GST

“We continue to be delighted, excited and amazed at the wide use and effects of IDT with our clients in the Mental Health setting.”

“I am using IDT more and more in my work as a social worker and loving the results for the clients.  Thank you.”

“Great, like a breath of fresh air.  Very creative, I love the visual element.  Unlocks things I didn’t expect.”

“IDT feels so respectful in the way you follow the client; its feels safe and non-threatening.” 


Thought the course is the best one I've attended and can see many places in my work to use it.
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Is there a logical sequence for courses?
The Foundation Course must be completed first (Unit 1 then Unit 2). After completion of the Foundation Course workshops can be taken in any sequence. If you intend to make IDT a primary modality, we recommend you complete the Intermediate and Advanced courses as they will deepen your understanding. Children and Adolescents, and Group work workshops are for working with specific client groups.
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