Russel Withers

Founder / Director

Russell Withers is the creator of the IDT modality and Director of Interactive Drawing Therapy Ltd. His counselling training consisted of Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, REM therapy, CBT, Primal and Cathartic therapies, Psychodrama, and a substantive amount of Co-Counselling training (John Heron) as well as several years of individual psychotherapy (both Freudian and Jungian), and complemented by a high amount of group and individual therapy.He is widely published in academic publications and has presented at a myriad of international and local conferences. Prior to Russell’s counselling career he was an award winning architect for over 20 years.

Kelly Withers

General Manager

Kelly Withers is the son of IDT's inventor and founder, Russell Withers, and the General Manager of Interactive Drawing Therapy Ltd. He has been involved with the company for well over ten years, in a myriad of roles - from Book Keeper, to Administrator, to Business Development Manager and now to General Manager. Kelly has a diverse background with tertiary level education in Engineering, Biology, and Finance.

Maria Sherning


Maria joined the IDT team in 2014, taking over the role of Administrator at a very hectic time for the business and has performed miricles.

Maria is also loving mother, partner and a freelance embrionics contractor, a career which has taken her around the world.

Gillian Hunt

Senior Teacher

Gillian began counselling at the start of the 1990s and encountered IDT in the mid ‘90s. She is now an IDT counsellor, therapist, supervisor and teacher. She also works in private practice and sees a full range of clients with a full range of issues, but tending towards specialising in relationship work, and the deeper levels of adult attachment.

Bill Robertson

Senior Teacher

Bill is an experienced senior IDT teacher who delivers workshops in New Zealand and Australia. A counsellor since 1992 he began his IDT journey in 1995 and has delivered approximately 300 workshops to over 3000 participants since then. He balances his professional life counselling three days a week in a secondary school, facilitating IDT workshops, training IDT teachers and maintaining a small practice of supervision and counselling. In his spare time he likes to escape to a remote Hawkes Bay beach to fish and be creative. Bill has a clear and concise teaching style and is able to connect complex theory with practise and make it easily understood. A skilled facilitator, he creates a safe learning environment where course participants are able to work at deeper levels and learn experientially.

Annette Coulter


Annette is a British-trained, Australian-based art psychotherapist, Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) supervisor, trainer and practitioner, published author, and practicing artist.
She is a Clinical Member and Accredited Supervisor for the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), a Clinical Member of the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) and an Honorary Professional Member of the Australian, New Zealand, Asia Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA). She is a member of the Leadership Group, ANZACATA College of Supervision and helped pioneer art therapy education in Australia and Asia. She specialises in work with children, adolescents, families and couples. Further training includes child/adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy and family/ couple therapy.
She has worked in child mental health, adolescent community welfare, residential schools, disability and corrective services. Through the Centre for Art Psychotherapy she provides clinical supervision, professional development, customised training, education, client consultation, mentoring and coaching.
Publications include: The Introductory Guide to Art Therapy, 2014; Art Therapy ‘Down
Under’, 2016; Family Art Therapy, 2015; Art Therapy with Transient Youth, 2012; Returning
from a War Zone, 2008; Couple Art Therapy, 2007.

Florence Ee


Florence’s passion lies in facilitating reflective experience led by compassion, curiosity, creativity and collaboration. With qualifications in psychology and counselling, she is currently working with Boystown, providing counselling and support services for young people and families. She uses IDT as her main framework in her counselling work. She is a member of the Queensland Counsellors Association and also an accredited IDT instructor.

Irena Stenner


Irena discovered IDT in 1996. She was a trained art therapist at the time, and after doing one IDT foundation course was hooked and did one of the first Advanced courses that Russell offered. Irena started using IDT then and has consistently used it as her main modality in counselling work since then. Over the years she has continued her IDT learning through attending various professional development courses. In 2010 Irena decided to become an IDT teacher and completed the teacher training two years later.

Mary Brownlow

IDT Teacher

Mary is an artist, Art Therapist, she lives in Wellington, NZ. Trained in fine art receiving a B.F.A. from The College of Art and Design, Nova Scotia, Canada 1978, then an M.A. in Art Therapy, from Ursuline College, Cleveland, Ohio 1991. Mary specializes in child therapy, family work with experience in areas of Illness/Death/Bereavement, Family Break-up, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Developmental & Adjustment Disorders, Refugee/cultural displacement and Trauma. She currently is employed at Te Omanga Hospice and runs a private practice. Professional memberships are with NZAC, Australia New Zealand Art Therapy Association.         

Mary began using IDT in 1994 integrating IDT with Art Therapy and Sand tray modalities, and now practices IDT with individuals and groups, in supervision/with supervisees. Mary teaches IDT courses since becoming a trainer in 2012.