A brief revelation of some known/unknown skills in an easily applicable package
A lot to take in, but useful for introducing the concepts and providing some experiential elements; the role plays were particularly useful
Excellent hands on experiential learning. Not just giving theory but doing/how to/ what to do.
Excellent input and experience, now looking forward to embedding my learning through practice with another who has done workshop recently, and then including in my own work.
Excellent introduction to IDT; the potential and enthusiasm to go further abounds. I loved the process.
Excellent material, very practical activities.
Excellent modality for getting to real issues very quickly. Extremely effective and revealing
Excellent teaching material and chance to practice.
Excellent, encouraging, thought provoking
Excellent, energizing, informative.
Excellent, engaging and very relevant. I didn't expect it to be as enjoyable as it was, I also didn't expect it would help me work on my own personal issues (which was helpful!)
Excellent, enjoyed the structured style if learning and the practical side. Well paced and safe.
A must for those who are serious about developing the theory and practice of using IDT.
Excellent, exactly what I was wanting to add to my range of counselling skills
Excellent, full of practical activities, examples, good pacing
Excellent, full programme, fast but appropriate pace. I enjoyed the blend of interaction and theory learning
Excellent, informative, deep. It was helpful personally. Exciting
Excellent, it provided a renewal and deepening as well as showing the wonderful healing processes inherent in IDT
Excellent, paced really well and had a lot of useful practice. Loved it!!
Excellent, structured and meaningful. Well paced.
Excellent, well structured, paced and informed. Exercises and combination of learning was very helpful
Excellent! Content very useful, teacher presentation excellent, pace good, demonstrations and practice all really good. Handouts great.
Excellent! I really enjoyed this course,- found it immediately useful. Very inspiring, clear, well structured, intensive.
A powerful combination of experiential work, personal processes and progress, and a very solid theoretical base which has been very deepening and extending of my understanding about therapy. I feel I learned more thoroughly than I ever have before about processes and the appropriate way to be as a therapist at each stage. This course has taught me a lot about working at great depth with people.
Excellent! It is as powerful a tool as I expected.
Excellent. I found this IDT Advanced Course very informing, validating, encouraging, supportive and extremely helpful both personally and professionally
Excellent. Skills that can be put into practice immediately. Fabulous/inspiring. Simply brilliant, wow factor, clear.
Excellent. Very informative. Skills that can be put into practice immediately. Fabulous / Inspiring.
Exciting, stimulating. I appreciate the swift effectiveness of apparently simple interventions
Exciting. Very useful to use with young people. Challenging. Safe.
Experiential, practical, balanced.
Extremely beneficial in adding to my existing helping models. I feel inspired and motivated in getting out and starting to practice my newly acquired skills.
Extremely helpful session sharing with others. A valuable learning time and I look forward to the next session!
Extremely helpful, informative and affirming. It reinforced knowledge from the foundation course in a very structured and simplistic way. Hence working the triangle as we work through the seven levels to go deeper or to know where client is, is very safe and effective.
A professionally run course that I would recommend to others.
Extremely valuable on both a personal and professional level. Personally I have resolved, understood and moved on from many old issues. Professionally I am now equipped with an essential tool (a spiritual/therapeutic laser) which makes my work and my life richer, easier, more enjoyable and fun.
Facilitators knowledgeable, well informed, skilful, very approachable. Clearly familiar & lots of examples from own work. Gentle and caring. Use of modelling was excellent. Very competent.
Fantastic and full on. Very informative, challenging and felt comfortable enough to ask questions.
Fantastic tool, modality. It has been very motivating, challenging and invigorating to experience a new learning technique & keen to get started!
Fantastic, excellent in-depth content. Professional and thorough delivery
Fantastic, moved at a good pace. Skills taught were practical and relevant. Examples helped cement ideas and implementation.
Fantastic, was great to build on Unit One with more depth and theory. Learn't so much. Very exciting!
Fantastic! Really enjoyed it and know it will be very useful in my work.
Fantastic. Lots of really helpful left brain input and right brain experiences
Fantastic.. Can see how this could be a fantastic tool for work, school, family and church.
A really enjoyable two days. I particularly liked the small number in group. Great mix of action, method and theory. Am keen to do Unit two.
For an individual who cannot draw stick people well, I now feel confident using IDT as an intervention.
Found it incredibly valuable. I'm staggered by how much there is to IDT, - by how richer client relationships are this way.
Found it really exciting and stimulating. Enjoyed all aspects of it. I could come back and do this one again.
Found it really helpful especially in my work with Young People and Groups.