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My disability is cerebral palsy. IDT has changed my life spiritually as well as for daily living.
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What is the difference between counselling and therapy?
Counselling is generally about addressing issues and conflicts we might have regarding our external world (such as relationships, career , finances, violence), and therapy is generally about addressing conflicts in our internal world (such as ambivalence, insecure identity, depression, unconscious instincts, age-regression into childhood material). Counselling is generally short-term and therapy is generally long-term. Counselling tends to be more directive and can include psycho-educational practices (such as the acquisition of new life skills). Therapy tends to be more non-directive and often works with unconscious matters (such as the changing relationship between client and therapist might be reflective of the client’s other significant relationships). The IDT therapeutic process covers both the behavioural and in-depth poles of psychological work.
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